Now Bidding for 2024 Deliveries

Norfolk Crush - Soybeans

Delivery: SUMMER ’24
Futures: July ’24 | $12.0025
Change: -.02
Basis: TBD
Bid: TBD

Delivery: SEP/OCT ’24
Futures: Nov ’24 | $11.8125
Change: +.0075
Basis: -0.35
Bid: $11.46

Delivery: NOV ’24
Futures: Nov ’24 | $11.8125
Change: +.0075
Basis: -0.30
Bid: $11.51

Delivery: DEC ’24
Futures: Jan’25 | $11.915
Change: +.01
Basis: -0.30
Bid: $11.61

Cash bids are subject to change without notice.

We are now offering Free Deferred Pricing contracts until Oct 11th. Please call our office at 402-370-4910 to discuss all your pricing options.

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Please call the office for more details.  402-370-4910

Contract Offerings

Cash Contract
Can be sold for any delivery month. Both futures reference price and basis are fixed at time of sale.

Spot Contract
No contract prior to physical delivery. Monday-Friday delivered bushels will be priced at Norfolk Crush’s daily closing nearby cash bid. Saturday or Sunday spot deliveries will be priced using the opening futures reference price of the following Monday’s CBOT regular day session +/- delivered basis.

Basis Contract

  • Undelivered: Locks in basis for a forward delivery month, keeping contract’s futures reference price exposure open.
  • Delivered: Title of soybeans passes to Norfolk Crush upon delivery. Futures reference price must be established, or contract rolled prior to first position day of futures reference month. Fee to roll to a deferred pricing window is 2c.  Deliverer may request up to a 70% cash advance on contract’s open equity. Reciprocal margining of basis contracts back to 70% may be required. Credit Sales contract rules apply.

HTA Contract
Establishes contract futures price, maintains basis exposure. Basis must be priced prior to physical delivery of soybeans. Futures reference price and physical delivery can be rolled to any futures month within the current crop year at a 2c fee. Rolling of futures reference price beyond current crop year only allowed at the discretion of Norfolk Crush.

  • Current HTA Fees
    • 2024 crop year 5c
    • 2025 crop year 7c

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